Signature Valley Homes is dedicated to offering professional services to all of our customers. We uphold a standard of excellence and service unparalleled in today's ever-changing real estate industry.

Registered Planning Services

With a Registered Planner as part of our team, Signature Valley Homes is equipped to help you navigate through Calgary and surrounding area tedious approval process for new construction and development. Our most common services include representation at the Committee of Adjustment for various planning approvals including that of minor variance or consent to sever applications.


Signature Valley Homes comes equipped with a licensed real estate agent and Mortgage broker that can offer very competitive rates for listing your home on MLS and getting mortgage with better rate.


Signature Valley Homes has the experience and resources to buy your home, no matter the condition of your house, but with mutual understanding with no real estate agent fees whatsoever. We offer market valuations for your home, without the hustle of having to list your property on MLS publicly.

Initial consultations on your wish list: needs, goals, timeline and budget Review our portfolio including projects similar to yours If you already own property: assess site conditions If you need property: identify desired lot size, location etc.; find and purchase a suitable property

Present and review a draft design proposal (scope of work, terms, conditions and payment schedule) Revise the proposal as needed for your approval Contact referrals, visit previous projects Present final proposal

Planning Review: confirm factors effecting design and development (Municipal by-laws, easements, rights of way, local conservation and heritage etc.) Conceptual Design: create multiple versions of floor plans and elevations Concept Review: by architect, interior designer and engineers Create project estimate and schedule based on approved concept Concept Revision: as required for your approval Schematic Design: create construction drawings based on approved concept (includes all material required for permit)

Present construction contract (scope of work, exterior and interior finishes, fees, cash allowances, payment schedule, project schedule and resources) Revise the contract as needed to obtain your approval Apply for permits (demolition, tree removal, construction, mechanical, plumbing) Establish subcontracts and comprehensive project schedule

Prepare the site (e.g. fence, tree protection, drainage control etc.) Demolish existing structure (if any) Excavate, pour footings and foundation, install water protection, backfill Shell: install framing, roofing, barriers, exterior cladding, windows and doors; electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems; insulation and drywall Interior finishing: install interior partitions, flooring, cabinetry, lighting and plumbing fixtures, trim and paint throughout Construction is monitored regularly, and approved at key stages by Municipal Inspector

Clean the site including removal of any dirt and construction debris Conduct a final walkthrough and inspection Receive your keys, homeowner guide and warranty Move-in!